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IPMA has first anniversary, graduates fourth class

Updated: Feb 23

A class of twenty five Guyanese, including three women, graduated from the Academy on 21 February, bringing the total to complete the one year old program to over 100. Dominic Gaskin, Minister of Business gave the keynote address.

The graduating class is made up of 25 Guyanese, including 3 pioneering women trained and ready to join oil and gas operations. The group also included 11 who were formerly in the sugar and mining sectors. Other graduates joined the academy from other technical sectors in maritime and construction industries. All trainees graduated with industry recognized qualifications, critical to work in the sector.

The graduation ceremony was attended by representatives from the Guyana government, ExxonMobil, GYSBI and numerous other companies operating in the emerging oil and gas industry.

In his remarks, Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin noted that with the advent of the oil and gas sector in Guyana, huge economic transformations are expected to occur. The Coalition Government strongly supports training programs that are aimed at building local capacity.

Said Minister Gaskin, “As a government, we believe that local capacity must be built to the extent that Guyana’s Oil and Gas Sector employs Guyanese at all levels and across all skill sets. And this, in turn, will not only benefit the petroleum sector but all the other sectors of our economy since many of the skills that are acquired in the oil and gas sector are needed in other fields.”

TOTALTEC has been an advocate and driver of women pursuing technical careers in the oil and gas sector from the very beginning of the Academy formation one year ago.

Said TOTALTEC CEO Lars Mangal, “I believe women building careers in the sector will be a positive force for our society. We must be proactive and empower women to participate in the industry.”

[In the photo, from left] CEO of TOTALTEC, Lars Mangal and Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin.

The graduates were trained in the fields of Basic Safety, Rigging and lifting, Oil and Gas Operations, Safety; Environmental Best Practice, Occupational Hygiene and Health, Emergency Response, Transport and Cargo handling, Banksman Slinger and Practical Training.

Dominic Gaskin, Minister of Business, gives the keynote address.

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