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IPMA Publishes Directory of Training Courses Available for 2020

­November 17, 2019 – Georgetown, Guyana – The International Petroleum Maritime Academy (IPMA) has published its Training Directory for 2020, now including over 50 courses.

As IPMA approaches its second anniversary, its training program has been expanded to over 50 courses covering the range of onshore, offshore and general skills, with emphasis on safety.

A number of the courses are focused on developing the culture necessary to keep the new to the industry Guyana workforce safe as it takes up increasingly responsible positions. Among these safety culture focused courses are Behavioral Based Safety, Fatigue Awareness, and Risk Assessment.

Courses on onshore operations continue to dominate the program and are now expanded to include a number addressing environmental concerns, for example Pollution Control and Waste Management.

Offshore operations courses are now part of the directory, including Offshore Drilling Operations, Offshore Operations - Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO), and Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODU).

This expansion in available courses comes at the time The Academy has completed the training of 120 Guyanese to address the increased activity at the Guyana Shore Base, Inc. (GYSBI), which supports all ExxonMobil offshore operations.

Mike Henzell, Senior VP Operations commented, “We continue to add courses aligned to the increasing demands of both onshore and offshore activity, always instilling a safety culture. Companies operating in Guyana have been very supportive, in large part due to our programs being delivered to recognized industry standards.”

Prospective candidates should visit for instructions on how to apply.

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